spring '19 Classes

Here at EMA, we believe that hands-on learning is the best kind of learning! We offer classes for kids ages 3-5, 5-9 and ages 10-14. Our spring programs consist of a variety of programs that are designed to supplement your child's education.

We strive to ignite children's natural curiosity about the world around them while providing them with the knowledge and tools to preserve, protect, and enjoy our environment!

This spring is a 6 week semester offering toddler classes, our after-school program, community classes and our home school classes.

Only here for a quick visit? No Problem! Feel free to hop right in on one of our classes.  

EMA’s new location is still pending and registration will be live when we announce the new location!

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           Home School Classes $175

ages 5-14

Our home school science classes meet once a week for three hours during a 6 week semester. These classes are designed to encourage friendships, fun and the development of a lifelong love of the ocean and science. Children will have the opportunity to learn about our world through hands-on activities and experiments.


After School Classes  $125

ages 5-11+

Our after school science programs meet once a week for two hours during a 6 week semester. These classes are a fun and exciting extension of the traditional school curriculum. Children will learn about our world through hands-on activities, experiments and adventures while exploring in our local beaches, marshes and our microscope lab. 



ages 3-5

Our toddler science classes are designed to teach your toddler the basics of the ocean. We have developed a specific curriculum that will enable your child to learn about Vertebrates and Invertebrates and have them hold, touch, and use microscopes to study many different species of animals found around our beach!