Special Classes

Ecological Marine Adventures offers FREE weekly community science classes to the local and vacationing families of Topsail Island giving them the opportunity to learn and grow together. 

Students will learn about our amazing ocean life through fun, hands-on activities. They will discover local marine species by seine netting in the surf and studying them in touch tanks to get a closer look at what makes each creature so amazing! 

Free Community Class

Our SUP and Science class enables our students to learn a new skill while exploring the beauty around them. We will shove off on the stand up paddle boards and head to our very own island, where we will then examine, record, and collect specimens to take back for examination at the lab. 

SUP Class $80

Enjoy the best of both worlds by catching waves on the same beaches that you seine net on! You will learn the best surf techniques and skills, taught by Surf City Surf School instructors, while learning about the marine life around that you are surfing with! What sounds better than surfing to a greater education, literally. 

Surfing Class $80

Join us when the sun goes down in search of exciting creatures that come out at night. You and your children will be a key member of our research team helping us collect and compile data about ghost crabs on Topsail Island. Together we will collect weather parameters, identify measure and release ghost crabs.

Night Time Ghost Crab Monitoring $20