want to get involved?

We are a little biased, but we think the EMA family is the best family around- and we would love for you to join us!

Do you need volunteer hours? Are you looking for an internship opportunity? Are you interested in serving your community? Community outreach? Do you want to jump in on some beach clean-ups? Whole island clean-ups? Do you just want to learn more about the amazing ocean? It’s the crafts, huh? You saw how awesome our crafts are, didn’t you?Are you just a science lover who wants to join us in spreading awareness? Do you have supplies that you would like to donate to EMA? Do you love working with kids? Or do you find joy in working with animals? Reptiles? Do you want to dive into the world of aquariums? Or is it the fun? I mean, we are pretty darn fun.

Either way, we’ve got your (leather)back!

See, the fun isn’t just for the kiddos.

See, the fun isn’t just for the kiddos.

Volunteer + Internship opportunity

Whether you are a past EMA student, an EMA parent, a new face to EMA or a college student looking to hop on board, we have plenty to do around the lab! From field work, lesson planning and data collection to office responsibilities, we have a variety of options to best fit your interests and passions!



We love beach clean-ups, in fact, we start every beach adventure with a quick beach clean-up.

We are working to put together teams to continue clean ups outside of camps and classes. We are working to develop a trash log to collect data on the types (and amounts) of trash our island accumulates, as well as, cigarette butt receptacles.


donation + SPONSORSHIP

While we do not have a ‘donate box’ type set-up, we do accept and appreciate donations of supplies and equipment!

Whether you have aquarium equipment, tanks, nets, specimen, books, buckets, craft materials, animal food, gear sponsorship opportunities, company sponsorship, or even your talents, like painting or building, we are thankful for it all!


Tell us more about how we can work together below!

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