Meet the crew



Taylor Maready

Taylor is the owner and lead instructor of EMA. He has been in love with the ocean his whole life.

When he isn't surfing, he is swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, eating ice cream, speaking some espanol, playing guitar or just running around on the beach like a big, crazy kid. To him, life revolves around the ocean and he wouldn't have it any other way. His spirit animal is an opossum, but he really loves sharks. All of them, but especially the wobbegong. 

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Indy + Vai Maready

If you ever walk into EMA and it is quiet, know that these guys have the day off. As a family run business, these guys don’t get out of working much. They are the real ones in charge and we are completely okay with that!

Indy is a wobbegong shark loving, crab holding, trash collecting three year old. Vai is a seashell licking, sand eating, water obsessed one year old. Both carry a determination to keep up with every camper older than they are, which is all of them.

Amber "Ling" Maready

Ling is our EMA "mom". She is the epitome of fun.

Sometimes we wonder where she gets her wild energy, it never runs out. She is a "whale" of knowledge and can answer any question that you have about EMA. If she's not in the lab teaching, dissecting or playing with Tad Cooper, you can catch her on the beach doing yoga, playing in the sand with Indy and Vai, or singing karaoke. (Not really the singing karaoke part, thank goodness.) If she were a sea animal, she would want to be a whale shark, or a seahorse, or an sea turtle, or a black tip reed shark… Or anything, really.



If you see a small rodent-like creature running around EMA, don't be alarmed, it's just Bitsy. I guess you could say she's our mascot, but don’t tell Tad Cooper, he would be very upset with that statement. Bitsy loves paddleboarding, kayaking and running up and down the beach like a lunatic. She is a small dog with a big love for the ocean. If she could be any sea animal, she said she would just be herself, because she is one with the sea. (We told you that she is a lunatic, which rhymes with tunicate, which at one point actually has a backbone type structure, like bitsy except made out of a cartilage-like material, which they later lose during development, so she is basically a marine invertebrate.)