Let’s get the party started!

What's better than exploring the marsh and oceans for your birthday? Yep, we can't think of anything better either.

Send us a quick e-mail below with a little info. about your party and we can make your child's birthday wish come true. Our parties are notorious for being the coolest parties around! 

Our most popular packages are below!





Headed to the beach to celebrate a birthday? We can meet you there! We will bring our EMA cart to YOU! This package includes one hour of beach adventuring! (Seine netting, shark tooth hunting, etc.)

Are you headed to soundside Park to celebrate? Let’s us join you! We will bring along our marsh equipment and lead your party through a crab walk, I mean a marsh walk..to see lots of crabs! 

No maximum capacity. All equipment will be brought and shared with whole party! 



Party with us in the EMA lab! This package includes an hour in the EMA lab + 30 minutes of building rental for cake and presents! We will have a lesson of your choice ready with live specimen, games, crafts and experiments to go with it! Your group has the option to stay inside the EMA lab or adventure to the beach after the lesson is taught! 

Up to 20 partiers! (Not including big-kids aka adults.)



Holy Mackeral! The ultimate party package is here! Join us for 2 hours of adventuring + 30 minutes of of building rental for cake and presents! As always, your adventurer will be able to pick out a lesson, pick a beach adventure or a marsh walk, play games, use all equipment in the lab and more! 

Up to 20 partiers! (Not including big-kids aka adults!)



Celebrate on the water, literally! Your party will start with a short ground school before we hop on SUPs and get the REAL party started! We will paddle to a local island with lots of local critters to catch and learn about! This is a 2 hour adventure + 30 minute dome rental for cake and presents after the adventure! 

Up to 12 partiers (including adults), 5 person minimum. 

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