We offer fun classes, really fun classes, super fun classes, and extremely adventurous classes. We offer these classes in various lengths (1 hour - 3 hours) at a variety of price points, including free community marine science classes, 3 day classes, 1 day classes and several different special classes,                                                                  like birthday parties, field trips and family trips!

What do you do if the weather is bad?

"Rain, rain go away" doesn't always work As long as there is not severe weather (huricane, lightning, etc) we will hold class. We have numerous engaging and exciting activities planned should we need to be in the lab for an extended amount of time. 

When should i Drop my Child off?

We only need you to sign a waiver upon arrival if you haven't been to EMA in the calendar year, so we don't require you to arrive more than 5 minutes early! Our address is 116 South Topsail Dr, Surf City, NC 28445. 

Just a friendly reminder that the Surf City bridge does go up at the top of every hour! 

I need to contact EMA staff while my child is out exploring.. what should I do?

We always have a phone with us while adventuring! If you try the office and everyone is at the beach, please call or text 910-515-9751! 

We check that cellphone every couple minutes! 


What to Wear?




What do we bring?







wait, do we tip?





do we have to pay the transaction fees?

Students should come to class each day dressed in a bathing suit and a t-shirt or cover up with sunscreen already applied. Students should wear CLOSED TOED shoes such as crocs, keens, sturdy water shoes or old sneakers. As a safety precaution, PLEASE NO FLIP FLOPS, unless you pack a pair of closed toed shoes in your bag! If your camper(s) like to wear sunglasses, hats, etc.   while on the beach, please bring them with you!


A towel

Reef Safe Sunscreen (SPF that is appropriate for your child)

A bottle (or two) of water or a sports drink (Powerade, Gatorade)

A snack (granola bar, string cheese, fruit, etc.)

Closed-Toed shoes

A light jacket if you think you may be chilly


Oh no, the awkward "T" word!

Please know that EMA pays their employees for the amazing work that they do, but if you received extraordinary service, or you just want to do something special for someone in the           EMA family, that is completely up to you! Plus, I don't think any human would turn down some     ice cream (or any other unexpected kind gesture!)


We wish there were no transaction fees, but unfortunately at this time, they come along with online booking! You can waive the fees by calling us directly to pay. This will take a few minutes longer than your online booking process, but we are happy to do it!