SumMer 19

camps + Classes

Summer is full of warm weather, beach days. making memories and adventuring with EMA!

We offer camps and classes for adventurers of all ages- from sea squirts (age 3-5) to guppies (ages 5-8) to groupers (ages 9-11+) to great whites (ages 11+) and even to include really big kids (aka adults).

Our summer camps meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 hours per day. They consist of a variety of engaging (and fun) topics! Our multi-day camps are more than just summer fun, they allow for new friendships to bloom over the week and encourage children to explore the outdoors, go on adventures, and most importantly, to love and take care of the ocean. 

Our summer classes meet for one day per week on either Tuesday or Thursday for 3 awesome hours, except for our Sea Squirt friends who explore for 2 hours per class! EMA summer classes are designed to use exploration and natural curiosity to learn and to deepen the love the ocean and all the amazing creatures that live in it. Just as our summer camps, topics vary throughout the summer and they all include hands-on activities, games and exploration.

EMA strives to ignite children's natural curiosity about the world around them, while providing them with the knowledge and tools to preserve, protect, and enjoy our environment for years to come! We call it conservation education, the campers call it fun.

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Multi Day Camps $135-$200

Ages 5-7 and 8-14

Our multi-day camps meet multiple days a week, hence the name. We meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three hours of exciting hands-on learning! Each class will dive into an adventure covering a topic of our unique marine environment. Campers will have the opportunity to explore the outdoors and learn about our amazing ocean through experiments, specimen collection, dissection, crafts, games and other awesome activities. 

                Single Day                  classes $45

Ages 3-5, 5-7 and 8-14

Our single day classes are three hours of pure adventure! These camps are perfect for campers who are only visiting for a day, as well as campers who would like some more adventure in between their multi day camp days. From Sea Turtle 101 to Shark Discovery, these classes ignite the adventure and wonder in campers- leading them to love what they are learning!

              ghost crab                hunts + Astronomy 101 $20

Ages 2+

The sun is down, but the beach is wide awake... with Ghost Crabs on the sand and wonder in the sky! Our ghost crab hunt and Astronomy 101 Class will get your kids off the couch and onto the beach after dark to hunt the mysterious critters that come out to play- and the twinkles that fill the sky. We will provide everything that you need for an action filled night that is guaranteed to bring some excitement into your vacation and family memories! 

surf and stand up paddle board classes SUP $45 - Surf $80

Ages 5 - 100+

Our Surf + S,U.P. classes are unique and radial- radically unique? Uniquely radical? Anyway, both classes will teach campers about the local marine environment, while exploring it from either a SUP or Surf board! Class will start with ground school then we will set off on the water learning about the exact environment that we are paddling in. Our SUP and Science Classes will learn about the ICW, while our Surf and Science Classes will explore the seashore. SUP Classes are available daily to the whole family!