Single day classes

Drop-ins are welcome. However, we recommend booking well in advance as classes tend to fill quickly!


Invertebrate Explorers $45

Did you know that 97% of Earth's animal species are invertebrates?

In this class we will explore the extraordinary world of marine animals without backbones. We will learn about crabs, coral, octopuses and other exciting and unique marine invertebrates, while getting our hands on a few local invertebrates ourselves! 

We will adventure to the marsh to collect, study and observe invertebrates in their very habitat!

Shark Discovery $45

Do you know what sharks eat for breakfast? I'll give you an hint, it's NOT humans!

The shark discovery class focuses on present day and prehistoric sharks; including their anatomy, their place in the food chain, their diet and so much more. Students will explore the unique and interesting lives of these amazing animals through the identification of different species, hands-on exploration of live and dead specimens, life-cycle introduction and other activities.

What better way to learn about sharks than by holding one?


Squid Dissection $45

Some squid species can swim up to 25 miles per hour, as fast as sharks, but only in short spurts. 

Have you ever seen a squid completely camouflage itself?

This class has an emphasis on squid and other cephalopods (including octopuses). Join us for three hours of learning about how amazing these creatures are. Students will dissect a squid with one of our instructors to learn all that there is to know about the entire squid. During this dissection, we will learn about the squid’s internal and external organs and anatomy, including the infamous ink sac!. 

Vertebrate Explorers $45

Bend over and touch your spine.

Did you know that there are really awesome vertebrate species right here in our ocean? 

This vertebrate explorers class places emphasis on fish and other marine vertebrates. We will dive into a fish dissection to learn internal and external structures. We will also make a fish diagram to take home to use as a reference later. 



Sea Turtles 101 - $45

Can you name the seven species of sea turtle?

Or how many species of the seven can be seen around Topsail Island?

Join us for a turtle-y time exploring all things sea turtle. We will talk about their lives, starting from the amazing journey they are faced with as soon as they are hatched, their diet, their anatomy, how each species is different (and alike) and how WE can make a difference for them! 

SUP and Surf 109.JPG



Enjoy the best of both worlds by catching waves on the same beaches that you seine net on!

You will learn the best surf techniques and skills, taught by Surf City Surf School instructors, while learning about the marine life around that you are surfing with!

What sounds better than surfing to a greater education, literally.

SUP 6.21.17 023.JPG


What'SUP in the Intrcaoastal Waterway?

Join our 3 hour SUP and Science camp to find out! This camp enables our students to learn a new skill (or perfect an old one) while exploring the beauty of the ICW around them.

We will start with ground school before we shove off on the stand up paddle boards, paddle to our very own island to  catch, examine and collect specimen! 

This camp is where learning, adventure and fun meet!


Toddler Summer Camp $35

It's never "too early" to start exploring and it is never too early to start loving, and learning, about the amazing world around us.

With over 70% of the Earth covered with water, each day of camp will bring new adventures, discoveries and opportunities to explore! Toddlers will spend a fun filled afternoon learning and exploring the marine world around them.

They will collect specimens, conduct experiments and discover why the creatures around us are so amazing. We love the ocean and cannot wait to introduce the amazing local specimen to your toddlers! 

2 hour class for ages 3-5.