EMA Toddler classes

"Tell me and i forget. show me and i remember. involve me and i learn."

-benjamin franklin

There is no such thing as too young to start loving and saving the ocean!

This is an 8 week class that provides hands-on learning about our ocean and the creatures that call it home.

This toddler class is unlike any other! Toddlers will learn by using all hands-on experiences including specimen collection, fun experiments, art projects and games. Learning will take place everywhere, including on the beach, in our local marshes and our microscope lab. 

weeks of september 10th - october 29th

Every Tuesday from 10 am until 12 noon


this semester:

florida pompano

sea stars

mole crabs

sea squirts

fiddler crabs

coquina clams

periwinkle snails

the moon