Single day classes

Shark Discovery $45


The shark discovery class focuses on present day and prehistoric sharks. Students will explore the unique and interesting lives of these amazing animals through the identification of different species, hands-on exploration of live and dead specimens, life-cycle introduction and other activities. 

Squid Dissection $45

This class has an emphasis on squid and other cephalopods (including octopuses). Students will dissect a squid with one of our instructors. During this dissection we will remove the ink sac and learn about the squid’s internal organs and skeleton. 


Invertebrate Explorers $45

The invertebrate explorers class places emphasis on crabs and other marine invertebrates. Students will hold a live crab, learn internal and external anatomy, make invertebrate crafts and explore the habitats of invertebrates that live in our area.  

Vertebrate Explorers $45

The vertebrate explorers class places emphasis on fish and other marine vertebrates. Students will do a fish dissection, learn internal and external structures, remove and ID otoliths as well as scales and make a fish diagram.