Multi Day Camps



predator and prey  $135

Dive into our ocean and learn about it's top predators, and their favorite foods!

Students will learn about food chains in our incredible ocean. We will learn about the biggest and smallest predators, while learn some surprising facts about their diet! As always, we will explore and study the various areas of the seashore and the critters that live (and eat) there. Learning and exploring will take place outdoors and in our EMA classroom/lab. Activities include studying our very own EMA aquariums, learning how to feed the specimens, experiments, art projects, diagrams, specimen collections and beach exploration! 

We will have log books to keep track of our observations as we study our specimen all week!


Ocean Adventurers $135

Campers will hit the beach to learn about local fish, marine mammals and other aquatic life found in and around our oceans. We will learn by using the greatest tools, our hands! By using tactics such as specimen collection, observation and experimentation, we will take a closer look at the beautiful critters that we share the beach with. We will go over different types of plants and animals that live in the ocean, as well as, the different zones of the ocean.

We will have log books to keep track of our observations as we study our specimen all week!

Campers will be intrigued as they become familiar with the animals and plants that live in our amazing world!


Marine Biology $135

Beaches, marshes and tide pools, OH MY!

This is a diverse field-oriented course where students will collect, observe and get to know local specimen from groups of animals and plants found in our ocean and marshes. Students will visit a variety of ecosystems during their study.

In the EMA classroom/lab students will learn by dissection, compound and digital microscopes, games and so much more.

Campers will have log books to keep track of their observations during the week!


Science of Behavior $135

Why is a fiddler crab called a "fiddler" crab? Have you ever seen it play the fiddle?

This course focuses on the habits and habitats of local marine animals. Kids will learn why certain animals live where they do, why they behave the way they do, and why some of them have the names that they do!

 Students will learn through specimen collection, observation and experimentation! We will have log books to keep track of our observations as we study our specimen all week!



Teen Camp $200

What do teenagers even do for fun in the summer? Lucky for us, we have the "in" with the local teenagers and have developed a camp JUST FOR THEM.

During our teen camp, we will add on to the knowledge that the past camps have taught, while doing the activities that some of the younger camps can't quite do yet!

From snorkeling to surfing (and all that is in between), we will dab, I mean dive a little deeper into the marshes and beach of Topsail Island. Join us for this one-of-a-kind camp full of fun and adventure, teenager style. 

SUP and Surf 082.JPG

Radical Camp $150

What better way to spend the 4th of July week than on the water? We don't know either! With the new Radical Science camp, you kids will be setting out on a SUP adventure to the spoil islands of the Intracoastal Waterway. We will be able to collect specimens of several different species of crab and fish. Then, we will grab our boards and head out into the ocean for some good old fashioned wave riding. This is a Multi-day camp, but because of July 4th, we will only meet on Monday and Friday! This is the only week for the Radical camp and it is sure to sell out soon.