Multi Day Classes

Students will learn about the flora and fauna (plants and wildlife) of our seashore. We will explore and study the various areas of the seashore, including dunes, marshes, beaches, and shallow water. Learning and exploring will take place on field trips and in our EMA classroom/lab. Activities include setting up aquariums, experiments, art projects, diagrams, specimen collections and beach exploration!

Seashore Explores $130

Students will learn about fish, crabs and other aquatic life found in and around our local waters. Students will learn using collection, observation and experimentation. Students will be amazed as they become familiar with the animals and plants that live in our amazing ocean world!

Ocean Adventurers $130

This is a diverse field-oriented course where students will see, study and collect specimens from groups of animals and plants found on our seashore. Students will visit a variety of ecosystems for their study. In the EMA classroom/lab students will use dissection, compound and digital microscopes, and make a shell collections along with an experiment and observation journal. 

Marine Biology $130

This course focuses on the habits and habitats of local marine animals. Kids will learn why certain animals live where they do and why they behave the way they do. Students will learn through specimen collection, observation and experimentation.

Science of Behavior $130