Homeschool Classes

  • 8 week course
  • January 9th - February 28th 

In this class we will explore different marine creatures from several different animal groups. Students will see, study and collect specimens from groups of animal and plants found on our seashore and will visit a variety of ecosystems including the ocean and our local marshes. 



  • 5 week course
  • March 6th - April 4th

In this class we will explore our amazing marine ecosystem and how to preserve it for future generations. Students will learn about endangered species and how to prevent pollution. We will visit our beach and local marsh to learn about their unique ecosystems and why they are important. 



  • 8 week course
  • April 17th - June 6th

In this course we will study everything from waves and currents to endangered species in North Carolina. Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities including conducting experiments and collecting specimens while visiting our beach, local marshes and microscope lab.