Homeschool Classes

  • 8 week course (Once per week for 3 hours)

  • wednesday from 1-4 PM or thursday from 9 am - 12 noon or 1-4 pm

  • weeks of September 10th - October 29th



swash Zone, tides + plankton

The swash zone is more than just fun to say! We are going to learn about this tidal zone, especially the favored mole crabs that call it home. We will develop a mole crab habitat to observe, feed (them plankton) and observe!


Solar energy + The Sun

Week two has s'more fun planned than you can imagine! We are going to blast off to the sun before making s'more using solar energy!


Seaweed + sup

Dead mans fingers, sea lettuce or just slimy monsters that like to make us jump while we swim? Let's dive in the world of seaweed. We will set out on SUPs (standup paddle-boards) to collect local species of seaweed before bringing it back to the lab to take a closer look. 

Here's a hint: Seaweed is for more than just a good scare!


The Science of tie-dye

We love to tie-dye, but how does it even work?! We are going to learn about the science behind tie-dye before wrapping up camp with some tie-dye of our own! EMA Home school shirts provided by us, of course!


UV Rays, Sunscreen + Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are known for being beautiful, bright and full of life. Recent studies have shown coral reefs lacking in color and life.. why? Many studies say it is partially due to a beach necessity: sunscreen! This week we will jump into coral reefs, uv rays and sunscreen!  


Earth's magnetic fields + sea turtles

How do sea turtles know how to return home?  We are going to learn about Earth's magnetic fields and how it helps our sea turtles! We will also make our very own compass to experience the Earth's magnetic field for ourselves.


Decapods + A crab dissection

Oh crab! Did someone say dissection? We are going to learn about decapods, catch some of our own and then dissect a crab in the lab! (Don't worry, we buy the crabs. NO animals harmed in EMA!) We will learn the basics of dissection to apply throughout the semesters to come! 


gravity, energy + a fun run

We are calling all engineers to class this week! We will construct marble runs and learn why they work (gravity) and what types of energy the marble will posses along it's way down! 

fall Homeschool science: $225