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Fall 2019 EMA Semester 
6 weeks
Thursday 9-12 PM

Teen Ages 11+

  • Intro to echinoderms and their family tree - Making their own family tree and intro to their own aquariums

  • Internal structure - digestive and nervous system  - SUP and species collection and identification (to be placed on their family tree)

  • Internal structure - circulatory, respiratory and excretory system  - Sea Star Dissection 

  • External structure with emphasis on skin and cells - Cell model and microscope work 

  • Food chain, habitat and life cycle  - Make a real (with live specimen) food chain with specimen collected from the field. (No animals will be harmed in this experiment!)

  • Aquarium work and semester presentation to public and parents  - Aquarium presentation on their echinoderm and aquarium special on their species. (They will be given 15 minutes of class time each week to prepare their aquarium and section of the aquarium. They will make an info sheet, with art, for their presentation station!)