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After-School program 2019 EMA SEMESTER 
Tuesday 4-6 PM

Ages 5-12
Ages 12+ Aquarium Assistants!

Intro to Echinoderms and the Intertidal Zone 

  • Intro to Echinoderms (spiny skin!) - Spiny skin replica and cell model 

  • Intro to intertidal zone  - SUP,  Detritus samples, water samples and marsh exploration

  • Brittle Stars and Sea stars  - Sea star dissection 

  • Siphons, Tunicates and Sea Cucumbers  - Make our own tunicates with a water propulsion experiment

  • Sand Dollars & Sea Biscuits  - Fossil Scavenger Hunt and make our own fossils

  • Group presentation  - group presentation about their animal that they have been studying all year