After School Classes

  •  6 week course (Once per week for 2 hours)

  • Tuesday from 4 PM - 6 PM

  • weeks of September 17 - October 24


Ages 5-12
Ages 12+ Aquarium Assistants!

Intro to Echinoderms and the Intertidal Zone 

  • Intro to Echinoderms (spiny skin!) - Spiny skin replica and cell model 

  • Intro to intertidal zone  - SUP,  Detritus samples, water samples and marsh exploration

  • Brittle Stars and Sea stars  - Sea star dissection 

  • Siphons, Tunicates and Sea Cucumbers  - Make our own tunicates with a water propulsion experiment

  • Sand Dollars & Sea Biscuits  - Fossil Scavenger Hunt and make our own fossils

  • Group presentation  - group presentation about their animal that they have been studying all year

Aquarium Assistants will participate in all activities while helping out our instructors! They will have different responsibilities as our under 10 students!

Spring after school science class: $125